Mini-Bristle Hand Cleaner

Mini-Bristle CleanerMini-Bristle is an environmentally friendly hand cleaner that deep cleans skin pores instead of just the surface. Tiny plastic scrubbers will not rough up skin like other abrasive materials. Leaves hands smooth, clean and odor free. It’s antiseptic, but will not hurt in cuts or scratches. There are no petroleum solvents to dry skin. Convenient, economical and biodegradable. Will not build up in drainpipes like powders.



Mini-Bristle Dispenser

Mini-Bristle DispenserThe Mini-Bristle Dispenser unit allows you to wall mount the hand cleaner for easy use. Just invert the half gallon size container, snap into place, punch an air hole and with one turn of the crank, you will have enough Mini-Bristle to clean mildly soiled hands.